So, I did a thing … a thing I’m calling “Momentum Minutes,” and that I believe will Shift the way we Show Up in our communities, in the eyes of our elected officials, society, the law-making process and help us build futures we can be proud of and protected in. Later this afternoon, I will share the first official video of the informational series. But want to see if you are open to being more civically engaged — together!

Why Now? Why #MomentumMinutes?
This was birthed in my spirit a few months ago as an extension of my calling…

In last week’s feature, my Ace in #Advocacy, Justin K., and I stressed the importance of ENGAGING & making your voices heard DURING the legislative COMMITTEE process.

See below to learn more about legislative committees and a quick who’s who in the Georgia Legislative Process.

Share with a friend who you wants to be more civically involved.

While #MomentumMinutes primarily focus on #Local & State-level civic engagement. With #Inaugurationexcitement still in the air & a strong need for us to understand the checks & balances in #Washington, here’s a quick crash course in U.S. Government.

Don’t let a pandemic stop you from your new pursuits of Civic Engagement! In this Momentum Minutes, we take a look at the 3 P’s of Advocacy and how to reach your elected officials virtually.

Alright, so you know the deal, screenshot, save or commit the infographics below to memory (not really haha). It’s time to prepare to hold our elected officials accountable!

I am sooooo happy to welcome you to the FIRST ever Momentum Minutes video. As some of my favorite ladies like to say, “This is a serious matter,” and in the introduction video of this, my latest passion project — that I shared earlier today, I stressed that we cannot afford to let voting be our only step to civic engagement.

Alright, alright, alright, it’s time to take a deep dive into what a “Legislative Session” is and how to find your ever, important elected officials (a.k.a. lawmakers, a.k.a. folks we have to hold accountable). I’m trying to make Civic Engagement easy and fun. Screen shot or right click and save the below infographics.

In the wise words of Wale, “modify your energy so your bank and your skin glow,” and that’s been my plan for a while now. Often times, I get questions about how I maintain such high energy with a packed schedule. I can honestly credit it to both my diet, fitness and the new rest regimen that I’m really forcing myself to observe. In the past, I’ve noticed that weekends after horrible eating and a little wine sippin’, I’d pay for it with a decline in productivity and energy levels. In addition to wanting to better understand food’s impact on…

Using My Platform: I was Nervous, But I DID it!

I Poured My ♥️ Into This One!

As some know, one of my duties as Comms Director for the state’s municipal association is to oversee the editorial process for our magazine, which I worked to launch last year. Naturally, having a passion for storytelling and a magazine background, this launch was big for me. But THIS ISSUE right here really drilled home what I strive to accomplish by using the POWER OF MY PLATFORM!

This issue’s theme, “Leveraging Your Assets,” was set in late 2019 — well before our uprising…

This blog was originally published on the Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) Blog.

Story time: Flashback to December 2014 at the height of holiday shopping season, and there I laid on my back in the middle of one of Atlanta’s busiest malls, Lenox Square. No, this wasn’t an adult temper tantrum over a missed sale, but my first peaceful protest. …

This blog was originally published on the Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) Blog.

On June 1, I dubbed June 2020 as #JoyJune and shared with my family and social media pals that I was going to be “intentional about finding joy and hope to this month” and reintroducing my joy jar into my daily routine. But, fast forward to three weeks full of tears anger, pain and frustration due to the continued oppression of people of color and murder of innocent black men, my #JoyJune was quickly interrupted….UNTIL TODAY, JUNETEENTH! …

Kelli B.

As a teen, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d reply, “A Voice for the Voiceless…”

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